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a Group Dinner with NYC Chowhounds, 5/30-6/3


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a Group Dinner with NYC Chowhounds, 5/30-6/3

inmandarin | May 29, 2007 01:18 PM

Hi LA,

my friends and i (2 koreans and 1 taiwanese-chinese) are NYC chowhound people who are visiting LA for the food, and the good times in beautiful LA. We respect many posters from the LA board and would be interested in meeting some very chill, fellow 'hounds for a possible group dinner. FYI, we are only interested in "The Best of ____" or high quality specialty dishes/snacks, and this goes for only things done WELL in LA (vietnamese, taiwanese, cambodian, japanese-izakaya/yakitori, cantonese dim sum, sichuan, dongbei, xibei, latino, armenian, etc.). anyone who likes to eat these cuisines and in these neighborhoods are welcome, but we'd love to go with someone who's familiar with these areas or restaurants and can order in their native tongue (such as little saigon, little cambodia, SGV, little tokyo-torrance, etc.). our main focus is the food quality and authenticity, not the decor. Distance is not an issue.

We'd like to think that all 3 of us are relatively up-to-date with some of the currently best of what's offered in LA as possibilities, such as totoraku (if possible), Shin-Sen-Gumi Yakitori, Quan Hy, Banh Cuon Tay Ho, Thach Che Hien Khanh, van's, an'z, mission 261, 101 noodle express, seafood harbour, 8 cafe, chungking, La Mascota Bakery, Rincon Chileno, etc. but of course, we welcome other suggestions (including date and time)! (since we haven't experienced most, if any, of these places first hand)

but again, anyone who's chill and likes to eat is welcome. email me at (with the subject, "CHOWHOUND DINNER") if you're interested. we will be in LA, wed 5/30-sun 6/3. let us know which nights your free.

any takers?

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