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Ground Turkey - Puffed Container

MsJunsu | Jun 13, 201204:26 AM

So, I took a package of ground turkey that I had in the freezer, and the plastic cover was all puffed out. I realize that usually, puffed out meat containers are a really bad sign and you should toss it, but I hadnt remembered at the time and moved it to the fridge. Now, a day and a half later, the package is LESS puffy, leaving me very much confused - if the puffiness was due to toxic gas produced by bacteria, wouldnt the package grow tauter with gas while in the fridge? Also, why/how would the package be puffed in the *freezer*?

Update: Upon checking, the two other containers (came in set of 4) still in the freezer are slightly taut with puffiness. I bought these from Costco...

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