Ground Hog eating carrot tops sweet potato plants


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Ground Hog eating carrot tops sweet potato plants

Rella | Aug 5, 2011 11:10 AM

I have six 4x6 raised beds.

When we returned home after a day away from home, we found that a ground hog ate one box full of all the carrots and sweet potato plants tops - ate them to the ground.

The ground hogs like to wait until the tomatoes are ripe and eat them up. Luckily they were busy munching and did not see the tomatoes and peppers on the side of the house where we had moved them that morning.

Is there any sort of fencing that might be best to keep out ground hogs. Or any other way to keep them out. We do have deer, but they aren't as destructive and even though we are in the country, aren't numerous this year and last.

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