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Best grocery-store steak cut?


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Best grocery-store steak cut?

CarmenR | Feb 25, 2011 06:16 PM

I'm a steak amateur- I don't have a grill or a grillpan, and have not been a big red-meat eater up until recently (cravings, by darned!) I'm basically working off of a panseared and/or broiled method, and I've been trying a cut a week for the past few weeks based largely on whats on sale at my local store. I've seemed to notice that shell steaks (which I guess are also NYstrips?) cook up the nicest, but that could be coincidental to the specific steaks that I got.

So, short of getting some insanely priced whole-foods, private butcher, farmers market ultra-deluxe fancy cut (which i would rather eat out at lugers or the like) what is your FAVORITE cut of steak and your favorite method of prep? What do you look for when purchasing said cut? Theres about a billion websites about choosing a steak, but its hard to get a "knack" for it without having a specific cut in mind...

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