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Grocery store comparisons

FoiGras | Jul 22, 2012 04:51 PM

Okay--can we take a consensus on what you believe is the best local grocery store? And, not just best--where do you shop mostly and then go for the specialty items?

I generally shop at Giant and Mars (location and price point). I.E. CONVENIENCE

I love Wegman's and haven't as yet been to the one in Columbia which is more convenient then the one in Hunt Valley, which I love.

My old standbys for small, very expensive, but great little stores--Graul's in Ruxton and Eddie's on Charles Street. Can't beat the service and in and out quickness. I love the staff who empty your cart onto the checkout belt at Eddie's. Then a person carries out your grocery items.

Harris Teeter in Columbia (last time I shopped there was about 2 years ago--it just isn't a conveniently close shopping venue). Their check-out is great. Prices a bit higher then Giant and Mars. Nice selection of prepared foods. I don't live very far from the Locust Point location and have been draggin my feet to get to their newest location. A must on my upcoming shopping day.

Whole Foods--I am very curious as to all of your opinions--have seen some very negative comments. I used to shop at the Mt. Washington location, but am closer to the downtown location. Haven't been in a while and only shop for cheeses and items that aren't available at the general shopping I do at Giant, etc. Stilll, this store intriques me--don't know why--maybe someone can explain.

And, what about Safeway? I haven't shopped at one in several years. I find that store--in comparison to Giant and other larger markets--to be expensive. Of course, it isn't "gourmet" oriented, but very expensive for general everyday shopping.

One store that I haven't been to but an curious to check out--the Fresh Market. Any opinions?
How are they with brands of foods, in house prepared foods (if any)--price point.

Last, but not least--Trader Joe's--I hate to reveal this, but have shopped only once at the Pikesville location and was totally unimpressed. Please tell me what I missed as I want to give that store a second chance. Thanks to all. FoiGras

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