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Grocery Outlet July 2013


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Grocery Outlet July 2013

Ruth Lafler | Jul 16, 2013 01:16 PM

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At Oakland 7/16:

79 cents -- big selection of individual Chobani, including the hard-to-find pear flavor

They're clearing out a couple of items they've been selling for a while at $1.49:

2/$1 Alouette creme fraiche. I don't worry about the ex. date -- it keeps forever in the fridge
2/$1 Ritter Sport bars -- not all the flavors, the hazelnut are still $1.49

I'm hooked on:

$1.99/liter(tetrapak) Zico dark chocolate coconut water, chocolatey, not too sweet

They've had a good selection of Immaculate Baking refrigerated dough products (no hydrogenated oils, no HFCS) at $1.49. I tried the biscuits, which were okay, and the cinnamon rolls, which were pretty good. They also have the pie crusts.

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