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ta0126 | Mar 25, 201205:10 AM

there was a (another) meat recall recently and it made me think about some of the products i've seen.

in the grocery store you can find ham or ham-type products like this one:

are these an actual single cut of meat? or a chopped and reformed meat product? i haven't tried these but they look so identical and uniform and they all have the same crusty exterior. it's not skin so maybe it's just a dried out layer from the baking process.

i had the same thought about deli counter meats like the sliced roast beef:

these i have tasted. they slice them from a big slab so it looks real. but the texture and grain of the meat seems so even that i can't tell if it was meat or a pressed meat product. and there's no stringy bits or connective tissue.

it's probably worth knowing if they are from a single animal or if they are processed from many sources. just hoping someone here has some industry knowledge about these.

(p.s. i'm not referring only to that company's items, just using their site for the photos.)

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