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Grilling....Charcoal/Gas question


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Grilling....Charcoal/Gas question

LilSuzyQ | May 27, 2004 09:02 PM

I hope this doesn't strike everyone as a stupid question, but is it harmful to a gas grill to put charcoal briquettes in it as opposed to the ceramic ones or lava rocks?

The reason I ask is because my husband had this grill before I came along, and its a gas grill. He was using charcoal in it. Now, I know there are grills that are made to be combination grills, but to my knowledge (and please correct me if I'm wrong) you have to add a pan for the charcoal, instead of putting it directly on top of the burners. I had questioned him about it last year, and he didn't really know either way. So I think he was doing it because of a "that's what my Dad always did" type of thing. So at the time I cleaned it all out and replaced the charcoal with lava rocks. Much better.

So he's away right now and I'm trying to replace the burners which have nearly disintergrated into dust pretty rapidly, and I'm wondering if using the charcoal was the reason.

Long winded question...sorry! :-) Thanks for reading!

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