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Gregory's - Plano

Worzel Gummidge | Dec 15, 2007 09:12 PM

Went to a new place in Plano this week that Chowhounders may want to look into. “Gregory’s Restaurant” ( is the creation of Gregory Moreaux, formerly with Dale Wamsted at III Forks. It describes itself as “French Mediterranean Fine Dining”. We tried menu selections recommended by Gregory.


Roasted Portobello mushroom topped with goat cheese, black olive, sun dried tomato, basil pesto and shrimp on a bed of baby greens ($8.95). The goat cheese is warmed in this salad which enhances its flavor.

Butternut Squash Soup ($5.95). The interesting twist here is the use of cumin and finely chopped parsley to bring complexity and ‘cut’ the sweetness of the squash.


Pan seared Chilean sea bass served with glazed vegetables and a lime butter sauce ($27.95). Really tasty sea bass (sustainably farmed) on a bed of vegetables that is mainly beans. Earthy contrast of bean flavors worked well with the fish.

Roasted Rack of Lamb served with roasted potatoes, ratatouille, baby carrots and red wine sauce ($29.95). Perfectly cooked medium rare with an effusive taste of garlic which goes so well with lamb. They source their lamb from Australia.


NY Cheese Cake with Strawberry-Mint coulee. Best cheesecake I have had in Dallas. Subtle hints of coconut in this.

It is interesting how much stuff you find out when you challenge a chef. For example, one would not guess from the menu that Gregory’s is very fussy about their sourcing. Ask where specific items come from and you find the goat’s cheese comes from Château de Fromage in Dallas. The bread comes from Main Street Bakery. The lamb is Australian.

Although Chef Moreaux is French, his restaurant is not. It is a blend of Mediterranean French, Cal. Ital., and New American. This is fine. He recognizes that he is a pathfinder in terms of whether a white tablecloth is viable in this location. The Italian restaurant that previously occupied the space closed too quickly for me to try it. The previous occupant ‘Dish’ is more instructive. They built up a solid clientele at lunch time and weekend evenings but eventually imploded internally. Nonetheless, I would offer one authentic hard core French dish on the menu if I were him. At this time of year Beef Bourguignon might be a popular choice.

Service is enthusiastic and friendly. Hopefully this will survive the trauma of opening. It makes the place feel like a real neighborhood bistro.

One reason to hurry: Gregory's is currently BYOB. The liquor application is with the gnomes of the TABC and will likely arrive in mid January.

Long term. I hope they succeed. There is no restaurant quite like this in Plano except maybe Olea. With theatre, hundreds of ‘new urbanism’ apartments and condos, revival on 15th Street as classic American Main St., the future looks promising. If Gregory’s can continue to deliver the goods they can become firmly established.

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