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Green and White Asparagus


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Green and White Asparagus

Trepanny Peck | May 7, 2005 05:59 PM

Is it just me, or is white asparagus *really* overrated?

It's Asparagus Week at a local restaurant (Mozaika in Prague, highly recommended by the way) and we ate there last night. I ordered the pork filet with morel sauce, pommes dauphinoise and green and white asparagus, and it was delicious.

It was interesting to taste the asparaguses (asparagi?) side-by-side - I could compare them directly as they were cooked in the same way by the same chef. The white just seems *insipid* compared to the green (rather than delicate) - less texture and less flavour. Everybody here (except for me and my husband) seems to rave about white asparagus being so much more delicious than green, so I wonder if it's just me being an uncultured swine.

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