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green tea candy?


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green tea candy?

Nancy | Sep 11, 2002 01:09 PM

at a loss...had been getting this addictive candy from kam man for a while now, but yesterday i couldn't find my usual brand! it's possible they just sold out and are getting more, but since they also told me yesterday that they no longer sell fried tofu (for inari sushi) i thought maybe they have decided to stop carrying the brand. i picked up another bag of something that claimed "maccha soft" but haven't tried it yet. also checked kam kuo but didn't see it there. (i was buying actual groceries btw, not just on a candy frenzy).

do you know what i'm looking for? the chewy white square candies coated with maccha tea. mmmm. don't know the name of the brand i had been buying, but it had a picture of a cup of tea and a couple of the candies on the front, in a light green and white bag, candies in individual peach-colored wrappers, and distributed by some place in williamsburg. sound familiar?

i know there are japanese stores in the east village (easier for me to get to) but i worry that they're more expensive.

did i mention addictive? must find...

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