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Greek Dinner in Melbourne

Khrystene Dalecki | Jul 16, 2002 10:46 PM

Firstly, after a day spent contemplating failure of said degree, I was escorted by the most amicable and lovely Cyrus to a restaurant he has been squealing at me to go to.... Jims Greek Tavern in Johnston Street, Collingwood.

Well once we found the place, as Johnston street begins it's numbering again after Smith street in Collingwood, we settled in rather quickly, and were attended by a sweet, short, 50-something Greek man, who knew we were champing-at-the-bit to taste his wares.

So we began.

Entree's we had some dips, 3 in fact... Taramasalata, Tzaziki, and Baba-ganoush, with some vinaigrette Octopus bits.... oh and some wonderful hot bread to dip into these delights. Also we partook of some char-grilled Octopus tentacles, which I adore, and some of the most deliciously bitey fried-cheese-triangle, with a generous squeeze of lemon on it, called Saganaki (which to me always sounded like a Japanese dish)... oh it was to DIE for! *drools*

We ate, and drank (between us) a bottle of Tyrrell's Old Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot. More insurmountable delights....

Then the waiter asked what we would like for mains, and as we had only finished and were still revelling in orgasmic delight at what we had just eaten, we had really no idea... so we asked him what was good... and he gave it to us!

He suggested some fish which was Blue Eye Cod, Char-grilled to perfection, plus I saw another woman partaking of some Lamb Chops, and so we ordered them (also char- grilled), and a Greek (of course) salad.

It was incredible. The fish was delightfully tender, and the flesh segmented perfectly, and most importantly it was just so full of wonderful flavour... and (of course) we squeezed liberal amounts of fresh lemon juice all over everything, and ate to our hearts content. Our bellies full, our minds and palettes blown with the flavours of these dishes. So simple, yet so wonderful. Isn't that always the best! Keep it simple!

After a brief interlude, and general lascivious food talk between us, we were asked if we wanted coffee.... or cakes... OMFG CAKE!!!

Well I was so stuffed, I just ordered some Halva for us... no tea, and we drank water. (The wine was by this time all gone.) The Halva was so very light, like no Halva I've had before. Bewtifull! I was so happy, I nearly burst out of my skirt! *grins*

Dinner was really really nice. *smiles contentedly*

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