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Why is a great wine great?

mengathon | Mar 25, 2008 11:40 AM

Spurred on by another thread, I got to thinking about this question.

Not really looking for technical aspects like nose, tannins, structure etc, but for the feelings, emotions, or sense of joy we get when we taste something out of the ordinary.

A great wine to me is one that I will always remember having, with the friends and the food. It is one to which others are compared, and with very few exceptions, fall short. It evokes a sense of place, whether I have been there or not. While I have never been to the South of Rhône or Provence, but with a beautifully crafted CDP or a Provençal rosé in my glass, I can imagine touching the giant rocks in the vineyards or sitting on the beach in Nice.

Idyllic rants, poetry, personal exepriences, and metaphors welcome!

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