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Found: GREAT sushi in the beach!

shiro miso | Aug 19, 201106:46 PM     8

Hello all,

With two hours of free time to (hopefully) enjoy some stellar food without hubby and kids - a luxury - I ventured down to the beach for an unlikely sushi adventure. After reading some hit and miss reviews of Yumei I decided to give it a shot (after my first call to Zen yielded only a potential late night seating)

Some context: Have enjoyed some incredible meals at Kaji, Zen, Gari in NY... love sushi and am pretty adventurous.

Called at 6:30 and requested a place at the sushi bar at Yumei this Friday night for 7pm... they fit me in... and they took my name and number.

When I arrived, there was a cute post-it with my name on the back of a chair at the sushi bar. My server was lovely and welcoming and did not react at all strangely to my dining alone. She called me by name from start to finish - a small thing but a big thing.

I asked her about 'omakase' and she seemed a bit confused.... clarified that I wanted the chefs to select for me a variety of sashimi and sushi. No problem, and I was not disappointed.

All around me were beach families with well behaved children (future 'hounds?) enjoying great food. Sorry... this is not a first time romantic date suggestion for a Friday night at 7. Maybe 9...

Hot towel and complimentary noodle soup was first up, very soothing and a nice set up for the sashimi.

Sashimi was fresh and plentiful. Scallop, salmon, maguro, yellowtail. Simple, fresh, well cut and unadorned. Very nice.

After this course the chef came to me and asked some leading questions... I said things like 'ikura and uni good...' and we were off. His saba (mackerel) was second to none. Marinated in-house and not frozen pre-prepared as many sushi restaurants offer. Salmon belly sushi was a real treat. Uni was exceptional... Very generous chilled fish on warm rice. Contrast in temperatures was fantastic, and the rice was prepared perfectly.

Sidenote - if you are into this kind of thing, brown rice was on offer. I didn't try it though.

A surprise after my 'final' nigiri sushi came as a foil cup filled with natto (fermented soy bean) uni and tuna. Smoky, musky, and delectable.

A perfectly cut orange, 2 glasses of wine at $11 each, and a generous tip of $15 (she used my NAME!! for the whole meal!) and I was out of there for $100.

So not a cheap two hours by any means, but I wouldn't have changed a thing. Except: My empty plates sat empty for too long on the bar, and my hot towel was not taken away as fast as I would have liked. So I could not give this five stars, but if it was based on my food experience only, I would have.

Nice: No blowtorches or mayo based sauces in sight.

Hooray for great sushi in the Beach!

Shiro Miso the sushi lover.

Yumei Sushi
2116F Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E1E2, CA

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