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Great spots to chow in Oakland.


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Great spots to chow in Oakland.

ericyu333 | Apr 17, 2007 10:02 PM

Here is a list of spots in Oakland Chinatown that I am completely devoted to.

1) Yo Ho's on 8th Street in Oakland Chinatown - The dim sum is AMAZING for its price! It's a complete mystery to me how they still function on such low prices; no joke, my bill came out as 20 something only between me and my three friends. I really don't understand why people complain about the slow pace of the dim sum carts; my perspective of the place is that Yo Ho's is a relatively small restaurant and that the service was actually quite rapid. A really nice place to go with friends and just hang back for a good meal, and that's what I really look for in a restaurant. Love this place and will always come back for their gnai-wong bao, the little dumplings with egg filling inside. Friendly service, great environment, bathroom is surprisingly clean, and they always have toilet paper! I truly have found no fault with this place and gave it a full 10/10.

2) Yummy Guide in Oakland Chinatown (sort of on the outskirts) - Happy Hour extreme over here. Everything you can imagine (to a certain normal extent) could practically be found here. Food isn't exactly the pinnacle of edible pleasure, but good enough to be considered somewhat above average for the price. Certain low-price dishes during happy hour is definitely better than others; get the fried chicken wings and fries. Actually, get anything that seems like appetizer-worthy, but stay away from everything else that forces you think whether or not a dish of it's caliber should only be priced for two dollars, because more often than not, your instincts are indeed correct. Still a great place to eat and relax at though, so I'll give it a 8/10.

3) Cam Huong (the one on Webster, if I'm not mistaken, Oakland Chinatown - Great little sandwich shop, specializes in banh mi, Vietnamese sandwiches. Great flavor for the low price of 2.50 per sandwich (although I do remember the old days when they used to be only 2.00, the dread when it increased to 2.25, and then the final judgment when it finally went up to 2.50). Cute little diner atmosphere, not too strict, but also not too relaxed. Size of restaurant is somewhat constricting as there are never any open seats. Offers a wide variety of other cuisine besides sandwiches: noodles, rice, meats, vegetables, pastries, you name it. There is also a large, much nicer Cam Huong on East 14 and 7th street, I'm guessing again, and that place is truly my favorite sandwich shop of all time. Go check it out if you don't believe in these little 2.50 miracles.

4) Wing Stop on Hegenberger (right next to In-N-Out) - Ok, so its not necessarily a restaurant, but I just love my wings. Who here has the gall like me to consume an order of Atomic Wings? Nobody, that's what I thought.

There are more, but I cant remember at the moment and will post up if I remember.
Feel free to contribute and list your favorite chow spots, I'm always up for trying new food.

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