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Really, does a great latte exist in Baltimore?

clementimes | Feb 2, 201010:38 AM

I'm new to Baltimore, freshly transplanted from the all-too cliche coffee capital of the world: Seattle, Washington. As cliche as Seattle may be for coffee and rain alike, the coffee culture in Seattle (and the west coast in general, Portland and San Francisco come to mind), is vibrant and particular in how coffee is both roasted, but also prepared at the bar.

I've found it really challenging to get a decent latte in Baltimore. Many coffee shops don't seem to put the time or care in steaming the milk at a lower temperature and frothing their milk to make a deeper, softer foam. What I have seen is a lot of scalding hot cups of coffee that make my coffee loving heart sink in sadness. The foam dissolves in moments and what's left is a coffee-burnt, steaming cup of hot milk. Really, this seems like a tragedy.

Where are the latte's where there is foam left at the bottom of the cup once you're finished drinking? I'm not looking for the dry, egg-whitey kind of foam. I mean smooth, velvet foam.

Can anyone make my Valentine's wish come true and point me towards a well crafted, B-more made latte? <3

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