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Great Food Truck Race: Korilla Say its not so! (Spoiler)


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Great Food Truck Race: Korilla Say its not so! (Spoiler)

chefbrian1 | Sep 21, 2011 04:26 PM

What the heck happened?

For those of us who have been following Food Networks Great Food Truck Race, we were thrown for a curve when Korilla, the Korean BBQ front runner was sent home for cheating.

Tyler said that Korilla had tried to put their own money, an extra $2700, into their till to pad their tally. They were caught cheating and sent home, a first the show.

Two of the three person team seemed surprised by the news, which made it seem like it was the act of a rogue team member who was afraid they would be sent home because of a weak showing.

Ironically, they did not even need to cheat because Korilla had made it safety into the top three.

What were they thinking?

Win or lose the race, each truck gets millions in free advertising.

Now, they will forever be the cheater truck.

Do you want to by food from people you cant trust?

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