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Great expectations?


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Great expectations?

Zabelle | Jan 16, 2006 11:20 PM

Was reading on the Boston food board about mixed feelings of several chows in regards to service at Petit Robert - not that i havent been curious to ask any other time but those particular reviews just made me wanna ask once and for all...

What's considered good service when 95% of restaurants can not afford to have professional waiters (and we are talking about good quality of food places) - in the US a waiter's job is a job that most of the time you do to support your schooling, and it is not only temporary but also sth that almost noone(unfortunately) dreams to do for a long time. In fact I think it is sadly considered a low end job.
Are we expecting too much of these new ventures that are starting up and can not afford professional service right away ?
What's good service after all - someone that asks 5 times about how you are doing on your meal - or a zillion refills of tap water so that we feel well taken care of ?

Great expectations maybe ... ?

I'd appreciate very candid & honest answers...

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