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Great Cookware for Fish/Chicken

shoshbarb | Mar 5, 2012 10:56 AM

I am just now acquiring cookware for my home and am overwhelmed by the choices. Right when I think I make the right decision, I come across a new thread stating the virtues of X brand over Y. I just finished reading three threads on frying pans, and while it was highly informative, I do not have room in my apartment for 7 frying pans - of the same size - each suited for a different purpose. What I need is cookware that will last for years, preferably a lifetime! (cost is not a major issue).

I cook for a family of 4 and we eat mostly fish, chicken and vegetables. I don't remember the last time I bought beef, so a special pan to sear a steak is not necessary. Thus far, I have a 10" All-Clad copper core skillet and a 4QT All-Clad copper core stockpot. I also have a 3.5QT brasier from Le Creuset. What type & brand of cookware do you prefer when preparing fish? Broiled and on the stove? I am reading hundreds of replies and they've begun contradicting one another. The cast iron skillet threads are boggling my mind! Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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