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What Makes for Great Citrus? [Split from Dish of the Month voting thread]

polishjeweatswonderbread | Dec 2, 201609:03 PM

Be aware that there is a tremendous range of quality of the citrus depending, intera alia, on variety, rootstock, "terroir", and when it was picked in its ready for sale range of perhaps four or five months (ripe is not a meaningful commercial concept) and size (surprise!). So for example, pink grapefruit from Indian River Florida in March-April (wow!) to Rio Star or Ruby Sweet varieties from Texas (what a clumsy bore). As for the North American chi - chi citrus, blood oranges and Meyer lemons, as they say in Sicily where a lot of bloods are grown, fuhgeddaboudid, unless you grow your own. Purchased commercially it can be the worst fruit that you ever have had and may put you off all lemons and oranges.

So if your citrus dish turns out to taste as if a contrived bore it may be that the quality of the citrus ingredient has messed up the dish.

Finally. How can citrus brought in from outside North America be anywhere near what it should be?

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