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The Great Bad Chinese Food of our Youth


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The Great Bad Chinese Food of our Youth

Jason Perlow | Jan 9, 2001 12:50 PM

I was recently reading a reprint of an article by Alan Richman (the one responsible for him winning the James Beard award in 1998) where he talks about the demise of the polynesian-style chinese restaurant.

Do you guys remember just how good this stuff tasted? Yes, I know in the age of Grand Sichuan International, New Green Bo and world class Hong Kong-style dim sum and seafood restaurants all over the NY metro area, this stuff sounds really kitschy and totally encompasses everything we think of as being "bad american-style chinese food".

Well, maybe it is bad american-style chinese food. But I loved it just the same growing up, and its getting harder and harder to find. Where do you get great egg foo young swimming in that lovely gravy? or pu-pu platters with the sterno? Shrimp in lobstere sauce? or roasted pork in that grand, artificial red color with that taste that nobody seems to be able to replicate anymore?

Maybe I'm crazy. Or just waxing nostalgic, but I am sure others here feel this way.

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