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Greasy kitchen cabinets

drhowarddrfine | Jan 18, 201604:45 PM

When my wife gets stressed out about something (we're helping my son buy a house) she'll come up with things to argue with me about. Today, I ruined the kitchen cabinets.

She complains that, when I fry things, I won't use a splatter screen. So all the grease gets up onto the surrounding laminate cabinet doors and the laminate around the vent hood above the gas range.

I say, when you take the splatter screen off, things still splatter, and I can't have a screen on every pan if I'm using more than one.

She says, it will minimize the amount of grease that gets on the cabinets.

I say, the vent hood isn't as wide as it should be and that's the real cause.

She says ... well ... I can't type what she says.

Now, I admit I'm bad about wiping things down when I'm done cooking and tend to leave them till the next day. Unless I'm busy. Then it might be a day or two or three or a week later. But I never see Gordon or Bobby or any TV person use a splatter screen and I honestly think they get in the way more than anything else. So I'm looking for some comments about that.

And if anyone has some good tips on removing dried on grease from laminate cabinets, I'd appreciate it.

EDIT: While I appreciate the cleaning suggestions, my main point is about being blamed for grease getting on the cabinets. She seems to think that, if I use a splatter screen, there would be little, if any, grease. Most of my frying is pan frying of chicken, steak and hamburger. I don't mean deep fat frying.

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