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Grease fire in nonstick-coated broiling pan... safe to use?

chaunceymo | Mar 4, 201011:07 AM

I recently got this Chicago Metallic roasting/broiling pan: http://tinyurl.com/ycp74ko

The first time I used it was to broil some home-made lamb sausages, not thinking that the flash point of animal fat is well under 500 degrees, and the rack in the broiling pan meant a lot of fat collecting in the bottom. Three minutes later, I have a grease fire. I brought the pan out to our stone patio and the fire was out within a couple minutes.

My question is whether or not such a fire likely rendered the pan unusable. It looks totally fine, there's no visible damage to the nonstick coating, but I'm concerned that the fire could have destabilized the coating in such a way that chemicals could leech out into the food. The pan claims the coating is much more heat resistant than normal nonstick, and I don't think grease fires burn very hot, but I'm still wary.

Anyone here an authority on such things that would care to weigh in?

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