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Gravy from a rotisserie chicken

rainey | Aug 30, 2011 01:37 PM

Does it count as "Home Cooking" if it begins with a rotisserie chicken from Costco?

Anyway, when I am cleaning a rotisserie chicken I most often make a chicken pot pie. Easy enough to do but when you begin with a pre-cooked chicken you've got to come up with something for gravy, right? I have started making mine from the pre-cooked bird.

It takes us a few days to go through the meat but I have begun saving the skin, bones and connective tissues in a covered bowl in the fridge. I keep all the gelatinous juices from the bottom of the package the bird comes in too. Once I have finally cleaned the carcass The skin, fatty parts and the bones go in a large pot and cook on low heat until I figure I've gotten out everything that they have to give. I pour off the rendered fat and put it aside. Then I put the rest of the juices, connective tissues, etc that remain in the pot with the bones, add aromatics, peppercorns and a enough water to cover it all and simmer, simmer, simmer. The longer the better (but, then, you knew that).

When it's done I can cook that reserved chicken fat with some flour and continue for ordinary gravy with the strained stock. It's tasty and I can get plenty for a chicken pot pie. The rest is steaming some fresh veggies, pouring some frozie peas over the meat and veggies in a casserole and adding whatever kind of top du jour I'm in the mood for. Beats Marie Callendar all to hell! ;>

The dog LOVES the strained out solids. (Yes, including the bones.)

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