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Grateful to be in the following "rut"...fine dining question.


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Grateful to be in the following "rut"...fine dining question.

JeffW | Oct 18, 2010 07:04 PM

Greetings fellow Hounds,

I'm writing one month in advance of turning "double nickels"...we're celebrating my day with hopefully a truly memorable and an "exquisite on all levels" dining experience on Nov. 18th. Not too much to ask for, is it :) ?

For us, the holy grail here in Los Angeles, is when we've pulled out all of the stops for dinner at Urasawa for exquisite sushi and more. Since my husband turned 50 (5 years ago), we've partaken 4 times, and we were all but positive that this is where we'd ring in the start of my 55th. year.

As hedonistic as it sounds, we've gotten used to this special type of evening, running over the thousand dollar price point, and here is where Las Vegas comes into play. We have never experienced the meal at Joel Robuchon, although we've dined at his restaurant Jamin, in Paris years ago. We are aware of the $385 per person cost, and we've booked a table. Something occurred today that is giving us pause for re-thinking this extravagant evening. Sixteen courses is a bounty of food to be sure, and we realize that the evening will run for hours....which we dig! For the ducks of it, I tried to "google" to see what the cost of wine pairing might be to accompany 16 courses. I couldn't find any answer, so I finally called the restaurant. I was told that wine pairing for this spectacular meal would cost between $299 and (gasp) $900 per person, in addition to the cost of the meal. The wine pairing for this type of event seemed so important, but I confess that at this point, we're in the "all or nothing" mode. It seems folly to select a single bottle of wine to take us through a lengthy evening with so many flavors and food ingredients.

I would dearly appreciate input on the above...I've done some research, and have heard that the Atelier restaurant is also a stunner, and we are not closed to it.

The final part of this post, is I guess the age old question, of where is the best?.....I would love to know amongst the hounds who've partaken in this type of splurge, where else you've been fulfilled on all levels....service, atmosphere, and of course food quality. A lifetime ago, when we were pups, we remember Andre's, when his restaurant was in a house like setting....God, did we love that restaurantt. Anyway, I do realize that I'm running on and on, so will close.....but I do hope for some helpful Chowhound reading when I re-visit my post tomorrow.

Big thanks to all,

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