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Our grass fed beef tastes like fish, why?


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Our grass fed beef tastes like fish, why?

ansluasi | Jul 28, 2011 09:48 PM

We splurged this last year and bought 1/4 of a grass fed cow. I am fine with the slightly tougher texture, etc, but neither hubby nor I like the taste of this meat. I have had grass fed before from Whole foods and liked it, but this stuff tasts like FISH (it is very reminicent of the aftertaste of fish oil capsules taken for health). The taste is especially strong near bones (our prime rib at Christmas was a disaster because of this, we pretty much filled up on potatoes and tossed the beef). No matter what cut, and no matter how I prepare it, this taste is dominant. I have never had trouble making beef dishes before, but this stuff we can barely choke down. No eating pleasure in it at all.
Fortunately, this batch is almost gone and I am looking to buy another 1/4 of a cow. How do I avoid this again? What would have caused this, should I fault the farm or the butchering or none of the above?
Thanks in advance for any tips:)

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