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Grand Sichuan St. Marks(take-out)- any dishes good that aren't spicy except the pumpkin and cucumber?

alkonost | Aug 20, 201208:52 AM     11

Ok, so I'm home sick with the flu... Doh... So this means take-out for me today.

Love Chinese food (even the americanized stuff, a guilty pleasure of mine), but as some of you know North EV doesn't have much in this department. I work crappy hours, so take-out is a frequent dinner plan for me and I'm tired of ordering from Tasty King. From what I'm hearing GS is the place in the EV for Chinese, but I've had some bad experience with their take out. I'm very sensitive to hot pepper spice- I can take a little bit but too much, and too much leads to heartburn- Szechuan cuisine might not be a great match for me, I'm hoping there may be some non-spicy items on the menu that are actually good.

The first time we (hubs and I) ordered americanized dishes, that was our fault of course since that's not what GS does well (we didn't know that at the time). But the second time I ordered the tea smoked duck, cucumber in scallion sauce, cold spicy beef tendon, scallion pancake and wanton soup. The duck was stale and dry- tasted like last weeks' duck dipped in a deep fryer to crisp it up before it was sent. I was so disappointed because I had heard good things about the smoked tea duck on other threads. While I loved the beef tendon and it had great flavor, the burn was like lava. I can take a little spice, and I was expecting it to be spicy but this was sadly so hot it was inedible for me- out in the trash it went after a couple of bites. Are all Szechuan dishes this spicy? Geeeezus christ, how does anyone have tastebuds still alive after that kind of onslaught, I'm not one to associate intense physical pain with good food :(

Anyway, loved the wonton soup (maybe I'm nursing a flu at the moment and it was soothing) but I was disappointed that it was the best part of the take-out experience.

Here's a list of some non-spicy items from their menu. Has anyone tried any of these that can vouch for them? Or know of some other dishes that are a little spicy but not over the top? Fish doesn't travel well so I'm leaving those off the list.

Five Spiced Beef
Beef Chow Fun (love this but don't know how well GS does it)
Braised sliced beef in brown sauce
Short ribs with ginger and scallion
Shredded pork with dry bean curd & chinese celery
Cured pork with garlic shoots
Red cooking belly pork with chestnuts
Red cooking ribs with chestnuts
Shrimp or Squid with salted pepper (I'm guessing this is salt and pepper shrimp, I love this but don't know how well GS does it)
Prawn with citrus sauce
Dry & Sauteed string beans with minced pork
Lotus roots with sweet and sour sauce
Sauteed loofah

Thanks everyone!

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