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Gottlieb's In Williamsburg

amy t. | May 22, 200512:54 PM

If you want to throw cholestrolic caution to the wind, do as Sharonlebewohl and I did and treat yourself to Yiddishe "dim sum" at Gottliebs!

The other night we went there and had a little of this and a little of that...Sauerkraut w/ pieces of extra greasy Corned Beef, Noodles and Cabbage, Matzo ball soup like my Bubby made(I believe her neshoma got an aliyah from the soul connection those flavors created) and last but not least, a big fat crumbly parve cookie with sprinkles and a blob of chocolate dropped on top!

Is it healthy? NO! Is is an asthetically pleasing place? NO! As a woman would you feel comfortable there wearing anything other than a tzniut outfit there? NO! Could the sweet shy red-headed bearded guy behind the counter be any more aidel (gentle)? NO! Should you use their bathrooms there? NO! But Gottlieb's is the place where the even the non-Jewish workers pronounce words with a Chassidishe accent and is there anything more intriguing and wonderful to see as that? NO!

Gottlieb's is a simple deli with simple holy Yids (almost entirely guys) that is worth the trip to Willy'b! They are not open past 9PM ordinarily so plan accordingly. And THAT's my sermon.

amy t;)

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