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Gorgeous Guatemalan candy - Los dulces típicos


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Gorgeous Guatemalan candy - Los dulces típicos

rworange | Jun 13, 2010 07:42 PM

Guatemalan candy is usually very small, very sweet, very pretty and very colorful.

It is mostly made from milk, condensed milk, coconut, nuts, seeds, fruit … and sugar, sugar, sugar. I don’t think I’ve seen any chocolate candy. Ironically in this sugar-crazed country hot chocolate is served unsweetened

There are around 100 types of traditional Guatemalan candies, the most popular and most mentioned are the canillitas de leche This blog along with the comments must mention all the rest … and there are lots of recipes in the comments … in Spanish

Guatemala has the best candied fruit … especially the whole figs. Unlike most candied fruit, the Guatemalan version is not hard. The figs are plump, juicy and almost like fresh. The various candied squash and sweet potatoes are excellent.

The candied fruits are less sweet that the other candies. The least sweet are the candies made from seeds and sugar cane juice, pepitoria, pumpkin seed brittle being the most well-known. It is called a brittle, but the thick slabs reminded me more in texture of rice crispy treats.

This site writes “Although originally made solely within the thick walls of the convent, these secret recipes eventually found their way out of the nuns' hands into the populace of Antigua . Today, there are a variety of flavors, most of them made from locally cultivated fruits. These recipes have been passed down through families, their particular mix of flavors particular to each family.” The photos in the link are very good.

While it is a dessert rather than a candy, Flan Antigüeño sits on a base of candied figs, camote, and chilacayote. It is unlike any flan I’ve ever had, almost like cheesecake, and killer good.

I recently was at a Guatemalan candy store and was clueless about almost everything there. So I searched the web and came up with the list in this post so I am better informed next time. I hope anyone familiar with Guatemalan candy will comment on anything I missed or may be incorrect. List of candies is in the first reply.

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