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Goood Food on Montford - Charlotte


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Goood Food on Montford - Charlotte

littlegirltree | Mar 23, 2009 10:58 AM

Finally went to “Good Food” on Montford on Saturday night. The space is nice, though the exposed brick wall had my husband making a sour face. I had to roll my eyes at the horrid bar lighting (spot pendants surrounded by a frame of forks and spoons). The décor was a little raw, but nothing compared to the service.

We were asked by 3 different people how many in our party and to please wait. The 3rd person (who ended up being our waitress) finally directed to sit at the bar after we had been standing in the doorway for an awkward 5 minutes or so. After about another 3-5 minutes, a bartender appeared and asked if we were waiting for a table. Dh said yes but that we’d like to start w/ drinks. We were asked if we wanted to start a tab, which annoyed my dh b/c we both assumed that the drinks should be added to our bill since we just told her we’d be moving to the dining room shortly. Maybe she just wasn't paying any attention when he answered her. Either way, very awkward. My dh paid for the drink at the bar since she'd brought it up for some bizarre reason. We order 2 beers, mine was a mess and we weren't offered bar napkins. I reached down the bar to grad some napkins and and leaned my shirt into beear puddle. Niice. We were not offered menus either, which elevated me to po'ed.

We were told that our table was ready and so we walk our 3/4 glasses of beer to our table and were provided menus. Water comes soon after, along w/ oil & balsamic plate and small plate of roasted garlic. Bread comes much much later, right before 1st ordered items are delivered, in fact. The waitress apologizes and gives us double bread, just as I was telling my husband that I’d rather have the oil and vin plate, garlic plate and empty bread plate taken away to make room, since we were past the bread phase of dinner, anyway. Table was very tiny for a tapas table, btw.

We ordered 1)pork belly steamed bun-best dish of the night by far 2)corn fried oysters- oysters were pretty bland –my most disappointing dish of he night 3) cashew and shrimp pad thai – weird item for tapas, not conducive to sharing. Way too heavy on cashew, very off balance. Shrimp were nicely cooked. Lakced serious texture. 4)Venison carpaccio – dh was disappointed. Venison raw was bland. I tried letting it warm in my mouth, but that didn’t help. I just ended up w./ a mouthful of warm pland meat. 5)Foie gras –I thought it was weird that it was cold, dh said he thought it was frozen. It was hard, like frozen butter. Again, had to let food incubated ion my mouth to get any flavor. Toast points were very charred w/ a large crumb and defeated foie gras texture, so much so that the roof of my mouth was scratched raw. 6)Ordered corn spoon bread – kitchen was out. Subbed crispy marscapone polenta. Came coated in thick, poungent balsamic reduction (looked it was coated in hoison). Had to cut balsamic off vinegar and half a dish was wasted. Polenta was unremarkable. 7)Marinated mushrooms were nice, w/ oil and garlic slivers and mushrooms. Portion was enormous, we tired of them and sent back half. Most dishes were simply okay, some were abysmal, one was outstanding. Lost of dishes were garnished w/ julienned green onion, which made things begin to feel one note. Many dishes were either bland or one item domianted a dish.

We ordered 7 dishes and were never offered a 2nd drink. Dh and I nursed the beers that we ordered at the bar thoughout the meal. We both drank water for the 2nd half of dinner. 7 dishes plus 2 beers came to about $90. Next time we’ll cut back to 5 dishes, probably. We’ll make sure to wait at least a month so that they work some of the serious kinks out.

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