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Google map of all the Ethnic groceries / markets in the D.C. area


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Google map of all the Ethnic groceries / markets in the D.C. area

Russel Shank | Dec 6, 2009 06:03 AM

An earlier thread about ethnic markets in our area got me curious, so I used google's business listing and some off-hand knowledge to make a couple maps of the various ethnic groceries and markets in our area.

East Asian Groceries:
(Chinese, Korean, Japanese, SE Asian -Thai/Viet/Malay/Philippine/Burmese/Indonesian/etc)

South Asian/Middle Eastern:
(Indian, Arab, Persian, Afghan/Paki, etc)

(You can view both maps together, by opening one in the same tab as the first, and checking the title of each map in the lower left hand corner.)
the latter map is just budding. I found a long list online of Indian markets, but it looks old. If I don't get bored with this by tomorrow, I might call them and post the existing markets.


I think this is a cool idea. I'd never been to Great Wall in Merrifield and was pretty blown away (live bullfrogs?) I wouldn't have checked it out if I hadn't learned that it was on my way to work.

Anyway, it seems worthwhile to flesh out. I'm not on a quest though -- if you think its a good idea, help out. You can do that just by opening the map, putting you address into the map search bar (so that you can find your house), then zoom out and see if any of the shops in your area are missing (or if one of the listed stores has closed.) Leave a message here afterwards.

If this is popular, maybe it can expand to include reviews of places (stock size, prices, special/odd items, etc) and photos.
What do you think?

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