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Goodburger...no burger...Badburger

bluehensfan | May 3, 200807:15 PM

While making our weekly jaunt to DiBruno's this Saturday at 9:50 this morning we were across the street and saw a storefront plastered with white signs announcing that Goodburger, the mini-chain from NYC was having their Grand Opening that same day at 10:00. My son thought it would be a cute idea to be the first to check out the new burgers so we hung outside the store while some employees cleaned the glass outside while the managerial-types were working behind the counter. The minutes ticked down...and kept ticking. And we were ticked too. By six or seven after ten, no opening...the doors stayed locked and no movement from inside or acknowledgment of us. We headed to DiBruno's for some cheese and olive oil and went out to see if the situation improved. It was now almost 10:15, the door was still locked, the manager types were still inside looking out at us, but the window cleaners were now inside too. One of the cleaners opened the front door to drop a few menus in the plastic rack out front, said nothing, and went back inside leaving the door open, so we took that as our cue to come in. Finally we were on our way inside. However, by the time we got inside the door, the employee grabbed a mop and started wet-mopping the floor from the front door on back. While we gingerly and slowly followed the mopping progression (and somehow managed to keep our footing) we got to the counter where the managerial types looked at us like we had two heads (probably what they think of all Philadelphians) and in a half-apologetic and non-sincere tone curtly announced to us that they were experiencing some "technical difficulties" and "probably would not be opening until 11 AM or so." Why they could not have told us that when we were waiting outside more than 15 minutes prior I will never know, nor will I ever because I can't see us heading back to a place with such lousy service (or lack thereof). Too bad I can't comment about the food...

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