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One good non-stick pan....


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One good non-stick pan....

Terry | Feb 26, 2002 05:59 PM

I posted this after reading the thread about non-stick pans below--but I joined late and didn't get much of a response (tho, thanks to the one person who did). I guess my problem is I feel flimsy pans of any sort are a waste of money, but so is buying a nice heavy pan if the coating wears off. Any advice appreciated. Thank you..

I'm in general agreement that non-stick pans have limited usefulness. Right now I'm using an assortment of pans that range from crap to one tiny All-Clad we got for a wedding present (o, if we only had more wealthy relatives...). But non-stick is very helpful with omlets and such. I want to buy ONE good, durable 10" skillet. What do you suggest?

Of highest importance to me is ease of use, which for me means not having to fumble around for wooden or plastic utensils. I heard that Scanpan had a coating that would stand up to metal
use. Anybody had experience with these? And that Sitram Cybernox also uses some process that fuses the non-stick properties into the metal--so that there isn't even a coating to scrape. But how non-stick is it? Any replies appreciated. TIA.

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