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Is anything ever as good as you remember it?

Firegoat | Feb 7, 201202:17 PM

Two food disappointments recently. One kind of major. One very minor. But both really hit home. Okay, back story is I'm trying to lose weight so I'm running, lifting weights and trying to watch what I eat. Two weeks ago I was back in my home town/state and had an opportunity to eat pizza at a small hole in the wall joint that everyone knows I LOVE. Obsessively. No one was free to go with me so I went myself. And it was. ...... okay. That made me sad. I realized I've had better pizza than that. :(

Fast forward 2 weeks to today. It may be hormonal or whatever but I suddenly was gripped by the intense need for an ultra crisp, shatter in the mouth onion ring. So I went to Sonic. Which once sold such things. As I'm driving home I pull one out... pop it in my mouth and the first thing through my mind is.... did I just go to Burger King? The breading was completely different. Sweet and not crisp.

Sigh. Do food memories every really stand up to repeat visits? Because if they don't I'm never going back to suck those juicy crab legs in Alabama. I don't want that ruined, too.

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