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Good probe thermometer?

Chowbird | Jun 25, 201206:24 AM

Hello, it's finally time to replace my probe thermometer (not instand-read, the kind you stick in a roast that beeps when it's done). I've been using what I call my "camping" thermometer, the old-fashioned, non-electronic kind that doesn't beep, just sits there so you have to check it frequently.

Tried Cooks Illustrated website, and they didn't find a single one they'd recommend (!), but their review is rather old and hasn't been updated.

Any Hounds got one they'd recommend, plus where to buy it? Mail order is no problem!

If it has a very LOUD beep -- I've lost some hearing -- that would be a big plus. Don't need lots of bells and whistles, just a basic beep-when-it's-done model.

Had a good one made by Sunbeam, but it gave up the ghost several years ago.

Thanks in advance for any replies. :)

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