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Good morning. Looking for the ultimate Lunch Box to take to work. THE ULTIMATE

certifiedhumane | Mar 17, 201207:22 AM

Hey guys good morning I will be starting some part-time work soon and it is imperative that I keep up with my eating plan (i am on a weight-gain diet) so I am researching lunch boxes. I am looking for that ULTIMATE lunch box, one where I could cook up some pasta and a salad, throw it in there and 4-8 hours later pull out a warm pasta and cold salad.
Ideally it wouldn't have "set" storage containers, as I find those extremely too small for my liking. For example I would be throwing in 1/2lb. of pasta at least, a huge huge portion of salad, and some extra appetizers, and desert. I would also need something where I could pour say a 1qt amount of soymilk into and have this stay cold, or simply use the tetrapak the soymilk originally came in and have this still be cold. .
I would rather this be way too big and huge then too small.
I have done my research however I find it difficult because most have like I said set portions for people trying to lose weight and nothing is big enough!

Hoping to hear back from you guys I will be needing this soon, I really appreciate it :) Have a good weekend

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