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I could use a really good meal in Berlin


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I could use a really good meal in Berlin

sumi | Apr 9, 2009 03:59 PM

Kind, fellow foodies out there - it's my version of spring break (not in college, but hell, why not?) and so I took a quick trip to Prague and Berlin. Prague is a wonderful city and I could really spend more time there - but if I did, I think I would cook a lot. The eating in Prague was...disappointing. I tried, and hard. I ended up kinda giving up on the restaurants and just doing a tour of the various cafes because the eating was so not good but the cafes are so beautiful at least I would have that. Ate at Chez Marcel - friendly people, but lousy food and dessert. Had a terrible lamb dish at Cafe Louvre which I basically ordered because white asparagus was served with it -- unfortunately, they grilled them to mush. Had a really awful chicken salad and salty soup at Mlejnice. The one place I didn't get to that looked yummy was La Degustation, which I wish I had realized was just down the street, but I ran out of time. Maybe Czech food isn't my thing. Anyway, on to the present.

Am staying in Mitte (I know, I know, but it was convenient), near the Gendarmenmarkt and Checkpoint Charlie. Haven't been in Berlin for about 7 years, so I can't remember any good places. Am dining alone - but in SF, I do that all the time, having a great meal at the bar (like @ Bar Tartine, Pizzeria Delfina, etc) or or doing the bistro thing and it's never weird. Arrived tonight starving, went to an Italian place down the street called Malatesta. Ate alone and it was weird. They didn't seem to serve at their bar. The food was really average and the service was indifferent. Started with an appetizer of white asparagus. It came baked with some type of cheese (it would have been a much better dish simply grilled for a few minutes with olive oil, salt, pepper but it was ok) and this bizzare pile of prosciutto on the side. They tasted weird together and weird separately. Pasta dish was 2 types of mushroom - noodles (and I say noodles because they were literally German egg noodles that would go in stroganoff) were odd tasting and textured, and the whole dish just didn't work for me, and I adore mushrooms. Overall, another very dissatisfying meal. I'm feeling very good-food deprived, which for foodie-me, basically turns what could be a great vacation into a sucky vacation.

So, please, some suggestions - they don't have to be fancy. Single diner friendly, casual or mid-range, even low budget - just good. I'm wiling to travel around. I will go to KaDeWe's food hall for a lunch but I'd like 2 good, even terrific dinners. Any and all suggestions would be welcome. I searched the postings and most were pretty old...

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