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Are these good knife choices?

justlearning | Mar 7, 2012 02:08 PM

I'm slooooooooowly upgrading my kitchen, and I've finally gotten to knives. I'm using this absolutely horrid set I got 10 years ago that just will not hold an edge anymore. So anyway, I'm trying to avoid buying a block set, I realized I don't use much of what I have anyway, so why waste the money?

What I think I need is this:

A pairing knife - 3.5"
A chef's (also called cook's?) knife - 8"
A sandwich knife - 6"
A santoku knife - 7"

Right now I rely very heavily on my chef's knife, and that's about it. I've been reading a lot about the santoku's though, and think that would be very helpful to me. My husband wants the others, as I rarely use a pairing/sandwich knife.

I have an electric bread knife that works great for us, so I'm not worried about missing that, and I'll also pick up a pair of shears.

Is there a better choice here, or should I re-evaluate my selections/change sizes, etc? I'm looking at Wusthof Classics for all of these...


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