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Good grief - Hawk's wing mushrooms?

rworange | Dec 7, 201110:14 AM

USUALLY, when I see a new (and expensive) mushroom, I'll jot down the name and look it up before deciding to buy.

However, the Hawk's wing mushroom was beautiful with a pattern exactly like the feathers of a bird's wing. So I bought it. This has a great photo.

Anyone have any experience with this mushrmoo?

The first link I hit googling gave all sorts of warninga about it such as the need to boil it and ' they have to be cautiously cleaned because they might hide a variety of insects or dust inside their cap."

The comments seem to say some of the article is not true.

Seems like they can be bitter if not harvested young. I'm not reading anywhere about the need to boil first, but maybe that reduces bitterness?

Anyone have experience with this mushroom? I'm guessing it was harvested in California and not the Rocky mountains. Here's another nice photo, this one from California

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