Good and dry (but still aromatic) Gewurtz ?


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Good and dry (but still aromatic) Gewurtz ?

emerilcantcook | May 6, 2009 06:13 PM

Late evening post-dinner walk. We stop by the Quebec wine monopoly SAQ, one of the inferior outlets that caters to college students that like to get hammered, cheaply. I, the budding wine geek, carry a printout list of my most desired wines, none available. But thank god, I like my Gewurztraminer like a born again that loves their Jesus. I browse. Nothing I know of, or not picked at. Just randomly pick one bottle. OK, not so random. This one has a dent in the row. Someone, before me, picked another bottle. I take it as a good sign (you crazy? considering the frat dudes that are crawling inside?). Wine in question is Gewurztraminer 2007 – Jean-Louis Schoepfer, This wine is... Eeek!

This is perhaps the diluted version of a Gewurtz. The nose is somewhat there with some roses, but prefers to abstain. The mouth is heavy on lemon, but the cute lychee decided to take a leave of absence. Thank god this is a cheapish wine, but still I am out of 21+ Canadian dollars which could have been converted into about two giant chocolate zucchini cakes from the cutest cakemaker that I've known (Cocoa Locale, 2007). I know I can do better than this wine, but I also know that my everyday budget is less than 40 high-markup-Canadian bucks. So what can I do, provided that I can buy them within the frigging monopoly of Quebec?

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