General Discussion 26

When being 'good' costs to much.

YAYME | Feb 26, 201206:12 AM

I have a problem. I am on welfare and food stamps, also I eat meat. I love meat pig meat especially, also lamb and goat. And I want to buy organic, free range, farm raised meat. But with a budget of forty dollars a week I can't do that. When a pound cut is sixteen dollars or ten dollars I just can't afford it. I feel guilty buying 'normal' meat. But it's so hard. Veggies are the same organic is pricey. Thank god for the farmer's market! At least there the prices are more reasonable at my local green-market and they discount 'ugly' veggies.

I suppose I could live on rice and beans. But I want to be healthy and cheap. It's a battle I'll tell you. I'm kinda leaning towards blaming the government for not giving farm subsidies to produce farmers. Also why is honey filled with good things but so bad for a diabetic?

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