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How Far Have You Gone For Good Chow?


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How Far Have You Gone For Good Chow?

Chino Wayne | Mar 7, 2002 07:51 PM

So how far, and by what means of conveyance, have you gone for really good chow, or "I just gotta feed that craving for xyz" chow? Please do not include those trips that really were for some other purpose, like a business trip across country, and then you went to xyz for chow, those don't count. I really want to know how far and to what degree of effort you have made just for some chow.

As an example, quite a few years ago now, some colleagues and I leared about a famous chef named Richard Wing. Mr. Wing had been Eisenhower's chef during WWII, and in later years opened up three restaurants directly adjacent to each other in a small farm town in the central valley of California called Hanford. So my colleagues and I decided we would go on an expedition and sample some of Mr. Wing's cooking. So one Saturday morning, we got in the car and drove from L.A. to Hanford for dinner. Yes, we left in the morning to go to dinner. We drove for about 5 or 6 hours (this was long before there was an Interstate 5), with a break for lunch, in order to go to a restaurant for dinner. After dinner we drove home, no stops, no snacks.

So how far have you gone for a meal and/or what obstacles did you have to overcome?

-Your Correspondent In The Dining Wilderness That Is The Inland Empire

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