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J. Gold's Favorite Dish


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J. Gold's Favorite Dish

manku | Nov 12, 2009 10:24 AM

In today's LA Weekly, pulitzer prize winning author/critic J.Gold describes his favorite dish:

"If I was forced to choose a single favorite dish, it would probably be lievre à la royale, an old French preparation of marinated hare stuffed with its minced innards, stewed in a bath of red wine and herbs, and served with a sauce of reduced wine thickened with an emulsion of foie gras and the animal’s own blood"

I am a meat lover...but this description, frankly, makes me want to barf...and makes me question whether I would ever again consider a J.Gold review before deciding on a restaurant! In fact, it goes a long way towards explaining why I disagree with him so often.

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