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Golden Palace for Dim Sum in Pittsburgh

Rick | Feb 17, 200802:15 PM

I went to Golden Palace specifically for the dim sum though they also have a regular menu. I've only had dim sum in San Francisco once and at Hong Kong here in Pittsburgh once. They have a pretty limited menu of 23 items for dim sum but as per my waitress they're all made on site, nothing is purchased pre-made. I got there around 5:30 Saturday and there were only two other tables occupied in the very large dining room. Three more tables got filled by the time I left an hour later. I did overhear a waitress saying how busy they get on Sunday when they do the carts and that they were jam packed on Christmas. Their menu says dim sum cars Saturday and Sunday 11am-10pm but there were no carts when I was there, I'm assuming they only do carts on Sunday now. I ordered five items initially. Steamed Ribs with black Bean sauce, these were tiny little pieces of rib that still had bone attached that you just popped in your mouth and sucked the meat off of, they were extremely flavorful and I'd order them again. I also ordered shumai which I have no clue how or what they're made of but with some of the dippng sauce and/or hot pepper sauce I like them. I also got shrimp dumpling which I love and these were very good, steamed sponge cake with pine nuts was a dish I could have done without, really nothing more than a little piece of yellow cake. I also ordered crystal shrimp dumplings again I didn't know what they were but I did enjoy them. My waitress was very friendly and saw that I was enjoying what I had and told me about some sort of sticky rice with chicken in it that's wrapped up and steamed in a leaf that isn't on the menu so I of course ordered those. After unwrapping them the rice turned a brown color and was very moist. I actually had chicken and shrimp in mine, not sure if that's how they're meant to come or not but I really like it either way. Stuffed, my waitress then recommended the stream rice rolls with pork and since I live about an hour away from the place, I gave in and ordered those too! These may have been my favorite dish, hard for me to describe since I've never had anything like them before. They looked almost like a creped rolled up into a burrito shape and had pork wrapped up in the middle and were served in a brown sauce. They had a somewhat spngy texture and they just delicious. I also ordered a pot of hot tea and for whatever reason this hot tea tasted a lot more flavorful than any hot tea I've had a chinese restaurant. Total bill was $23. The service was very friendly and helpful and all of the food fresh, hot, and very good. I really liked it a lot more than Hong Kong in Dormont which does dim sum one Sunday a month. I just wish they had a larger variety but i would still go back again and would encourage others to do the same.

Golden Palace
5920 Steubenville Pike
Robinson TWP, PA 15136

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