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Golden Dragon in Bradlee SS Alexandria - OK, YOU told me to try it!


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Golden Dragon in Bradlee SS Alexandria - OK, YOU told me to try it!

Wayne Keyser | Dec 14, 2005 08:01 PM

Someone recently suggested, when I complained about the dearth of Chinese delivery food in the Bailey's Crossroads area, that I had forgotten about Full Kee (wife hates it ... probably too Chinese for her) and that I should try Golden Dragon, 3616 King Street (Bradlee Shopping Center).

Once the home of a dismaying little "Buddha's Embarrasment" carryout, Golden Dragon is newish, with several tables and a scrubby-clean Japanese decor. I won't talk about ambience, as it is as brightly lit as the Redskins' field at high noon, but the people are friendly (and very deferent to my walker-limping self).

The food is billed as "Chinese/Japanese", and I usually look on that as a red flag (one or the other's gotta suffer). But the menu is stimulating to a foodie. Examples: Among appetizers are the usual spring rolls and chicken wings, but also "cucumber with red chili oil", "scallion pancake", "soybean in salt sauce" and "crispy tofu." (Forget the spring rolls). The usual soups plus "miso soup".

Also of interest: a section of Noodle Soups (I don't think they're pho) like "Fragrant Fish with Vegetable Noodle Soup," "Peking Style Minced Pork Noodle," "Tempura Udon Soup" and many more, most coming with 3 pieces of sushi cucumber roll. Beside the expected entrees are Da Cheng Chicken, Sha Cha Beef, Crispy Whole Fish, numerous Chow Foons and Fried Rice Cake (topped with stuff), and 24 different tofu dished (I had Kung-Pao tofu and asked for it very spicy, and despite the lack of szechuan peppercorns, it really was quite assertively hot!) And then there's the selection of sushi (those delightful lifelike models fill the front window) and a few Japanese selections (of note are Octopus salad - the entrees are mostle derived from sushi selections, like chirashi and sashimi dinners)

I'm still a TemptAsian & Full Kee partisan, but for close-to-home I think Golden Dragon (while not even in the same league) is a BIG step up from the other nearby neighborhood offerings.

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