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Can I use goat's milk baby formula to make goat cheese?

clacidic | Sep 29, 200910:47 PM

This may sound crazy, but hear me out. I live in Korea, where cheese is hard-to-find and expensive. I was excited the other day when I found a mini-container of green can Parmesan, ok? So I learned how to make my own ricotta by heating milk and vinegar (tip: very fine mesh dumpling steamer baskets can replace cheesecloth). And it is delicious.

But I'm not satisfied and I want to make goat cheese! I've looked at recipes and it's the same process as ricotta, i.e. goat milk and vinegar/lemon. Problem is, I can't find goat milk, and even if I could I'm sure it would be pricey. *However*, I recently learned that most Korean infant formula is made from goat's milk. So, would it be completely crazy to make a large batch of formula and use that instead of milk?

I don't know the first thing about baby formula. Essentially I'm asking: are there any ingredients in baby formula that would react with the heat or vinegar so that the resulting cheese would be different, bad, or inedible?

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