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more for goat lovers! (eating the meat) Binh Dan Restaurant


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more for goat lovers! (eating the meat) Binh Dan Restaurant

modernist | Jan 31, 2008 09:07 AM

i can see you!
your brown skin shining in the sun
you got your top pulled down,
radio on baby

no, i was not at hooters, or manhattan beach, or fashion island... we were rockin out to don henley and the boss while spooning out goat blood jelly onto rice rackers in what may be the THE MOST OG restaurant in all of little saigon...

in the past week i've had japanese izakaya pub food, taiwanese pah-bu pub food, korean po jang ma cha pub food, korean-japanese fusion pub food. so fuck it. lets throw vietnamese pub eating into the mix...

we rolled in without cash...i was kind of embarassed at how not-real i was keeping it, but we bypassed bank atm fees by buying a pack of gum and getting cash back from CVS across the street, and felt like i earned my cheap chinese bastard street cred back...

we got the 7 courses of goat... the grilled goat sausages with goat fat is fucking incredible.. the two soups were so so and very similar, there was a dry stir fried goat curry and a soupy goat curry... the before mentioned goat blood was the most unusual thing we tried. i've had the duck blood jello before in HUE VIETNAM. i had no idea what i was eating and was slightly freaked out, but i ate it as the squatting villagers grinned at me with gold teeth...i figured i was eating chicken blood jelly after they were making the universal flapping sign with their arms...

now: im a fan of morcilla, korean sundae, boudin noir, chinese zhu xue gao. but this stuff is like an electric red tangy jello... topped with peanuts and cilantro... you put it on a rice cracker and squeeze some lime on it... the acid immediately liquifies the jello and bright red blood begins to dribble into your rice bun noodles like you just got punched in the nose by the bolsa boy at the next table for talking shit about his civic or his aquanet prowess...

we also got the cha gio spring rolls which were normal and they also offered some sea snails wrapped in banana leaf but my friend was not down with this...

its your typical hole in the wall type joint. the guys will be playing texas hold'em on a laptop at the cashier counter, there will be groups huddling around hot pot, and there will be lots of beer consumed. halfway through your dinner, the ice puck ensconced in the curves of the frozen beer mug will float to the top in slo-mo and you will enjoy its ascent and the ingenuity of it all...

if you're really lucky, you might be able to enjoy all this while fist pumping to some john cougar mellencamp.

Binh Dan Restaurant
10040 McFadden Ave
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 839-7050

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