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Glutinous Corn (korean and Vietnamese)

HLing | Apr 7, 2003 12:35 AM

I just started seeing the Glutinous Corn this year. First in the Korean food market(yellow, frozen), at the fruit stands in Flushing, Queens(white, frozen) in NYC, and then now in the neighborhood 24 hour food market(white, vaccuum packed, not frozen). When cold they are very hard, the kernels peel-able. When warmed, some are chewy and sometiems gummy.

This type of corn is probably not enjoyed by the western culture but I was able to re-live my Taiwanese childhood when I took one of the vaccuum packed, unfrozen corn to the Corn man(Galley girl's Octopus man), and asked him to grill it for me. For those who don't know, he grills all sorts of meats and corn with 3 or 4 layers of various sauces over charcoal outside of a restaurant at night, much like the vendors in Taiwanese night markets. I was very excited when I first found this guy in Flushing, Queens, even though the corn used here in the US is limited to the sweet corn that, to me, is lacking in flavor. You just don't find many vendors who grill like this.

Well, he graciously grilled it for me, and didn't take extra money for it since my friend bought a regular grilled corn. I was so happy! This glutinous corn had been the missing ingredient. It wasn't too hard, but had texture and corn flavor. It is quite like sticky rice with its chewiness. The sauce taste so much better on this type of corn.

Now I'm curious how the Koreans and the Vietnamese eat them. Anyone?

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