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Global Tour of Gaithersburg - Chinese, Italian and German Bakery


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Global Tour of Gaithersburg - Chinese, Italian and German Bakery

wombat | Jan 16, 2005 10:08 AM

I went to Gaithersburg this weekend on a hunt for a birthday cake, prompted by an earlier post on this board, and also took in a couple of other chowish locations.

First, the main object of my hunt: the Classic German Bakery was reported to have Black Forest Cake. Unfortunately, it turns out that you have to special order it in advance. There was no way to tell this from their website or even from their price list that I took home. Sigh. Instead I got a chocolate cake with mocha frosting. It's quite good, but a lot richer than a cake with whipped cream would have been. You need a LOT of people to share it with. I also tried a couple of their cookies, which were excellent, and their croissants, which I can't give a fair review on because I didn't get around to eating them till the next day, although they were probably good if you like them breadier and not too flaky, which I do.

Then it seemed like the thing to do was to try the dim sum at the much touted New Fortune. What was remarkable about this was not so much the food - although there was certainly nothing at all wrong with that - but the service. When we were seated, the people pushing the carts actually noticed that there was someone new and all came over to us! None of that forlorn craining of the neck towards carts that are heading off to do the whole room before coming back to you with cold dumplings. On the one occasion that we were looking at a cart that was serving someone else, one of the wandering server-guys asked us if we wanted it, and sent the cart over to us. Truly excellent.

In addition, some of the carts served a plate with three different items on it, instead of three of the same item. Since there were only two of us, and this is how we usually go out for dim sum, this was a HUGE advantage, because we got to try more items.

Afterwards we went to a place called Italian Gourmet Market which was mentioned in the Post Food section lately. Unfortunately I was too full to even think of ever eating again, so all I got were the frozen ravioli. They come from Brooklyn and in the article the guy mentioned that the water is different in New York so the pasta isn't the same anywhere else. Hoping that therefore they would recapture the ravioli of my Bronx youth (the water supply being the same), this seemed worth the trip. The pasta on the ravioli made me very, very happy indeed. The filling wasn't as flavorful as I would have liked (I tried only the plain cheese) but I didn't care much, I was so happy with the pasta. There were many other fillings available, and their deli counter had takeout lasagne, eggplant parmiagiana, soup, etc., that I am now very sorry I didn't try.

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