New Glass Top Electric Range - Need New Pans?


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New Glass Top Electric Range - Need New Pans?

THoey1963 | Oct 12, 2012 01:06 PM

It was finally time and we decided to replace our aging coiled electric range with a new model. After some online review reading and looking in a couple stores, we decided on the following GE Premier:

So far, it seems nice, but it has been a busy week for me and I haven't cooked on it much. But, the wife has used it several times and is unhappy with the glass cook top and marks. I am thinking this is due to the pots and pans that she has, especially those she uses when cooking her Korean dishes. Some of these pans are fairly old and heavily stained on the bottom.

I have used the Cermabrite and the yellow scrub pad and have been able to remove all the marks, but she is not liking the amount of work it takes to clean the stove after every use.

I am looking for suggestions as to how to prevent the marks. I would think first step would be to use some oven cleaner, etc, on the bottom of the old pans to get them sparkling new. Any other ideas or suggestions?

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